July 4, 2018
View 625caa8

Build: move metrics banner entry to ui/ as the pext is defined there

Thomas Cataldo authored on 04/07/2018 15:39:55
View 73a7365

[metrics] BM-13302 Feat: provide a banner button for Chronograf & use hps for its auth instead of a basic auth

Thomas Cataldo authored on 04/07/2018 08:44:48
June 27, 2018
View 71b78ad

[metrics] Feat: record transport latency on email delivery

Thomas Cataldo authored on 26/06/2018 09:48:31
June 21, 2018
View 64b5e75

[metrics] FEATBL-476 Feat: publish core start as an annotation on dashboards & jobs taking more than 30sec

Thomas Cataldo authored on 21/06/2018 14:37:30
June 18, 2018
View 67f4a7e

[metrics] FEATBL-469 Feat: setup endpoint for receiving alerts & define capacitor scripts

Thomas Cataldo authored on 12/06/2018 08:37:28 • qvigand committed on 18/06/2018 08:52:43
May 23, 2018
View d9970df

FEATBL-347 Feat: Tag core to set telegraf output

qvigand authored on 18/05/2018 13:56:26
April 26, 2018
View 6118b7d

Add test support for metrics in bm components

Thomas Cataldo authored on 26/04/2018 13:25:00
View 6d49ba2

FEATBL-368 Feat: Registry pluggable in bluemind that sends data to bm-metrics-agent

qvigand authored on 18/04/2018 08:26:37