February 20, 2019
View 1879d1f

BM-14250 Fix: preserve hard link

Anthony Prades authored on 20/02/2019 11:36:16
View 674ce22

BM-14240 Fix: eas monthly by day

David Phan authored on 19/02/2019 15:41:51
February 19, 2019
View d086dae

CLERCO-95 chore: improve logs, fix out of office

David Phan authored on 18/02/2019 08:53:41
View 3b1e9fe

[pimp] FEATBL-307 Feat: auto-configure postgresql local memory

Thomas Cataldo authored on 19/02/2019 09:30:58
February 18, 2019
View 9e48565

BM-14106 Fix: don't lookup via login when using domain alias

Thomas Fricker authored on 13/02/2019 09:22:10
View 26bf63e

Chore: get rid of useless deps

Thomas Cataldo authored on 18/02/2019 10:55:48
February 15, 2019
View bdcbd22

[es] Feat: bump to ES 6.4.3 (package & client in target platform)

Thomas Cataldo authored on 15/02/2019 07:35:19
View 92624b7

Imp: add the disposition type in MessageBody.Part

Vincent Vignaud authored on 14/02/2019 16:28:29
View 01671d7

Update ES contact analyser

Arnaud Aujon Chevallier authored on 15/02/2019 07:52:18
February 14, 2019
View 0b3d998

[mapi] Fix: check & repair are inverted for mapi.folders op

Thomas Cataldo authored on 13/02/2019 16:49:33
February 13, 2019
View de465ba

Imp: use doOrFail instead of inTransaction

Thomas Fricker authored on 13/02/2019 17:08:43
View 5641bf5

BM-14225 Chore: bump maven version

Anthony Prades authored on 13/02/2019 14:52:42
View 638d580

Chore: fix print test

Thomas Cataldo authored on 13/02/2019 14:24:33
View ebc2c22

BM-14150 Fix: remove RHEL6 support

Anthony Prades authored on 13/02/2019 12:00:43
View db45476

BM-13712 Fix: allow timeout configuration for java api client

Thomas Fricker authored on 12/02/2019 15:28:49