June 18, 2018
View 7af0e94

Feat: Remove dataSize recording, fix registry tests with agent 1.15 and remove NaN in metrics gauges

qvigand authored on 18/06/2018 12:33:34
View 9217004

Fix: checking empty string in systemconf before converting to integer

qvigand authored on 18/06/2018 10:12:26
View 67b9e97

[eas] Chore: tweak CircuitBreaker logs to figure out when we increment the count

Thomas Cataldo authored on 18/06/2018 07:46:43
View 0dcb6e1

Chore: don't run un-monitored commands

Thomas Cataldo authored on 18/06/2018 06:31:24
View ea230e7

Chore: provide tick transitional packages to be sure we replace any existing tick stack

Thomas Cataldo authored on 18/06/2018 06:28:11
View 64bac88

[metrics] BM-13249 Fix: Add a way to disable all metrics with /etc/bm/metrics.disabled

Thomas Cataldo authored on 18/06/2018 06:19:24
June 15, 2018
View 3581d47

Chore: bump PG version

Anthony Prades authored on 15/06/2018 16:03:45
View 1269882

FEATBL-469 Feat: tickscripts from an extension point

qvigand authored on 15/06/2018 13:49:23
View 8413c6c

[metrics] FEATBL-469 Feat: inject tick scripts from an extension point

Thomas Cataldo authored on 15/06/2018 12:02:25
View dacd1de

[metrics] BM-13249 Fix: use agent 1.15.0 with plugged leaks

Thomas Cataldo authored on 15/06/2018 09:31:44
View 20c9449

Fix unit-test for calendar reminder

Mehdi Rande authored on 15/06/2018 08:13:59
June 14, 2018
View d510a1e

BM-11499 Fix: activate org unit restore

Thomas Fricker authored on 14/06/2018 13:15:56
View a777c32

BM-13253 Fix: eas, handle move items errors

David Phan authored on 14/06/2018 15:03:32
View 1db9f25

[calendar] BM-13250 Fix: Send reminders to event organizer

Mehdi Rande authored on 14/06/2018 13:09:49
June 12, 2018
View 67f4a7e

[metrics] FEATBL-469 Feat: setup endpoint for receiving alerts & define capacitor scripts

Thomas Cataldo authored on 12/06/2018 08:37:28