August 23, 2019
View f2b8011

Fix: collapse preview

Thomas Cataldo authored on 23/08/2019 15:58:35
View b655e37

BM-15032 Fix: directly add resource template to event's description in Agenda

Vincent Vignaud authored on 20/08/2019 16:13:25
View 22b55c0

[mapi] BM-14936 Synchronize acl changes

Thomas Fricker authored on 20/06/2019 13:35:25
View c2b48e5

Feat: extracting text from html with jsoup prouves faster than with neko + a bunch of regexps. This should speed up the bodies replication process a bit.

Thomas Cataldo authored on 23/08/2019 10:23:39
August 22, 2019
View 2a8e448

Fix: chunked parallel execution of apply message was running everything at the same time & could trigger bm-executor rejections.

Thomas Cataldo authored on 22/08/2019 05:31:25
View 40bdf55

[tbird] Fix: connector is compatible with Thunderbird 57 and next

Nicolas Lascombes authored on 22/08/2019 08:03:28
August 21, 2019
View 8feb1ed

Re-Try: revert to 1 chunk + add an exit condition to the injection test

Thomas Cataldo authored on 21/08/2019 17:47:17
View eb42698

TryFix: just log a message if one of the promise fails

Thomas Cataldo authored on 21/08/2019 16:08:11
View f4ec1d1

BM-15108 Fix: redirect to a dedicated error page if authentication is ok but opening session is impossible (archived or inexistant user, not a user)

Anthony Prades authored on 20/08/2019 12:32:42
View f09a18f

[tick] Feat: use systemd/cgroups to track cyrus and fpm cpu/memory usage

Thomas Cataldo authored on 21/08/2019 13:19:57
View 0546f8f

[replication] BM-15142 Feat: process message bodies sent by sync_client 4 by 4. Should a allow faster processing of APPLY MESSAGE

Thomas Cataldo authored on 21/08/2019 09:35:00
August 20, 2019
View aa1e53b

BM-14554 Fix: HZ version bump to 3.12.2

Thomas Cataldo authored on 20/08/2019 15:21:33
View 46441a7

[tbird] BM-15136 Fix: tb 68 compat, installing CA on start

Nicolas Lascombes authored on 20/08/2019 13:09:07
View 6a34051

[mail-api] BM-15135 Feat: allow dynamic mime type & charset when returning a Stream from an API object. Use that to ease fetching of email text parts

Thomas Cataldo authored on 20/08/2019 08:55:32
View ef49542

BM-15132 Fix: sanitize vevent desc

David Phan authored on 20/08/2019 08:58:43