June 21, 2019
View 984c3ab

BM-14972 Fix: displays attachment in pf

David Phan authored on 21/06/2019 13:16:36
View e3fd293

BM-14964 Fix: filter null chars from subject

Thomas Fricker authored on 20/06/2019 15:10:32
June 20, 2019
View 2fde9b8

FEATWEBML-290: add Message-Id header to message body

kladier authored on 12/06/2019 15:04:57
June 19, 2019
View a5deddb

[outlook] BM-14937 Fix: allday event displayed on wrong day if Outlook TZ is not Europe/Paris

Nicolas Lascombes authored on 14/06/2019 12:53:10
View 6293c9d

[mail-api] BM-14930 Fix: use mailbox acls for mail-api REST calls

Thomas Cataldo authored on 19/06/2019 07:37:35
View 7bd2224

BM-14950 Fix: keep track of ancient member uid

Thomas Fricker authored on 18/06/2019 13:36:00
View 5e4dc58

[doc] BM-14928 Fix: don't expose internal apis

Thomas Fricker authored on 19/06/2019 08:18:39
June 18, 2019
View 4c2f6d9

[mapi] BM-14890 Fix: do not duplicate email on follow-up

David Phan authored on 18/06/2019 14:12:43
View 0d084f9

BM-14890 Fix: expunge old email on mail rewrite

David Phan authored on 18/06/2019 12:26:25
View 168aa0f

BM-14952 Fix: get user/group UID from LDAP/AD enhancer

Anthony Prades authored on 18/06/2019 10:39:04
View 0f4ba23

[api] Fix: IOutbox sendmail implementations where not loaded correctly

Thomas Cataldo authored on 18/06/2019 08:58:09
View b5b2373

[es] BM-14882 Fix: switch netty allocator to unpooled before creating the transport client

Thomas Cataldo authored on 18/06/2019 04:42:20
View b8d7dda

Chore: get rid of ununsed imap.notifications topic

Thomas Cataldo authored on 18/06/2019 04:38:37
View a3d3fd1

BM-14942 Fix: exclude some objects attribute from equals and hash methods

Anthony Prades authored on 17/06/2019 10:03:12
View f5fc9a7

IEQ-1993 Chore: bump version after release

Dominique Eav authored on 18/06/2019 09:51:06